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The Floor
Exercise Sequence

Short Video 05:31

Long Video 33:10

The Harmony Floor Sequence (10 Exercises)

These exercises were inspired by the works and philosophy of Minnie Randell, Joseph Pilates and Moshe Feldenkraiz.

The Floor Exercises are intended to be easy and enjoyable and easy. They serve as a short warmup get-ready-to-go routine rather than a substitute to a fitness program, like the daily dog stretch routine.

  • The sequence exercises can be learned via the exercise pages of this module, or by an instructor as part of an exercise studio or zoom session.

  • After learning and harmonizing the exercises, the sequence takes about 3 minutes to complete.

  • The floor sequence is intended for convenient daily home use on a bed or yoga mat.

  • It can serve as a warm up routine before standing and as a relaxation tool before rest.

  • The Floor exercises are to be performed daily, in addition to the standing StarBarre Harmony exercises.

  • With this daily routine, the body and mind are continuously fine tuned and at their best for the challenges of life.


Perform as many repetitions as you are comfortable with. Usually this is between 1-3 for each exercise or direction.

According to the holistic mind-body philosophy, there is no reason to make the exercises more difficult. As you get better, the exercises get easier and so does life.

Warning - Do not perform any exercises in the presence of pain or discomfort. Stop and seek professional assistance.


Individual Exercise Pages


B1 Modified Cat 


B2 Tail wag


B3 Four Pillars


B4 Double Side Stretch


B7 Rollup


B5 Pull a Leg


B8 Twist & Punch


B6 Helicopter


B9 Clapping Saw


B10 Double Mermaid

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