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Exercise Studio Setup and Operation


The exercise studio space

Ideally, the StarBarre Harmony exercise studio or rehabilitation clinic consists of an area spacious enough for up to six participants.

  • The clients require a quiet and 'clean' environment to focus on their personal journey and follow their current sequence exercises as displayed in front of them.

  • During the exercise session, the instructor 'hovers' between the clients to make corrections and facilitate harmonious postures and movements.

Size requirements to allow relative privacy and free space for body and limb movements:

  • Width of 1.5-2m (5-6.5') between workstations.

  • Length of about 2m (6.5') behind workstations.

The StarBarre wall hook is placed at the height of 2m (6.5') from the floor.


Alternative options

If StarBarre devices are not available, it is okay to improvise with window ledges, ballet bars, wall ladders or other equipment which might allow leaning on.

Training for Rehab

A designated 'Training for Rehab' facility requires a private examination and consultation room.

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