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Training for Lifestyle


Training for Lifestyle is a holistic mind-body movement method which focuses on a learning and practicing the 34 standing based exercises of the 6 Star exercise sequence. Once this method is learned and the exercises mastered, the 6 Star exercise sequence is performed daily in about 7 minutes.

'Training for Lifestyle' is a magical self-discovery journey, from the most basic 1 Star level to 6 Stars and beyond, star by star.

Initial 1 Star level workout

The 6 Star level workout

All StarBarre Harmony exercises, at all Star levels, simulate different normal daily functional movements and stretches at various complexity levels. When the exercises are practiced daily as a sequence, the effect is an immediate boost to a wide range of pain-free functions like walking, running, reaching, lifting, jumping, bending, extending, rotating and much more.

For this reason, learning and practicing the exercises daily makes life itself easier, enhances personal physical performance and adds multiple layers of protection against setback or injury.

Because each of the 34 mind-body exercises in the 6 Star sequence is unique, complex and with many details (similar to yoga or Pilates exercises), the big challenge in the beginning is to learn to perform the 34 exercises harmoniously and pain free. Once this challenge is overcome, all that is required to reach the highest levels of this method is to perform the 7.5 minutes short and pleasurable exercise sequence daily.

To reach this high level of movement and training, which might take a few months, it is recommended to participate in regular 1-2 a week hour long studio (or online) sessions with a StarBarre instructor.


Studio training

In the 'Training for Lifestyle studio, the 34 sequence exercises are individually learned with a combination of viewing the exercise video clip as well as instructor cues from the side. Once the exercises are learned, the instructor will help to combine them into a coherent sequence, gradually to a level in which the 6 Star sequence can be followed harmoniously.

  • In the StarBarre Harmony studio, up to six clients can work together comfortably with one instructor.


StarBarre Harmony studio environment, with each client focusing on his or her star level and personal journey

Group studio training

Home practice

The daily practice routine is the 'heart' of StarBarre Harmony method and an integral part of all its levels.

Once achieving 6 Stars level and beyond, the entire method consists only of 7.5 minutes of home practice a day, while studio visits or instructor consultations are limited only to possible future issues.

However, to reach that desirable level, the exercises have to be learned one by one (4 Star level), and harmonized into a coherent sequence (5 star level).


Because star levels 4 and 5 are perhaps the most challenging, extra focus on home practice as well as studio sessions is placed. During these intensive learning stages, more home practice makes the learning faster and the progression easier.

The rewards will be reaped when the 6 Star level is reached and the sequence becomes harmonious and easy to perform in a few minutes. After reaching level 7 and beyond, the short home practice becomes automatic and part of the overall daily movement.


The short practice at home concept also has a practical purpose. For example, if the home practice was a 45-minute session, it would be much more difficult for clients to comply even if they understand the significance.


The exercises can be performed at home also without a StarBarre unit, by using a kitchen counter or windowsill, a chair and a regular door to improvise at no loss to performance.

The short daily practice is not instead of other activities and sports. Rather, the functional movement training aims to prepare the body for activity, improve performance, and prevent injury. Eventually (From 6 Star level and beyond), the exercise sequence becomes a powerful tool of nature that can be used at will after long rests, just before activities and whenever the body and mind need an instant boost.

Each StarBarre Harmony sequence has a sequence page, containing:

  • Sequence videos to play for home and studio practice.

  • Links to the individual exercise pages.

Each exercise page contains:

  • A looping video of the individual exercise.

  • An image gallery of the important exercise positions.

  • Detailed text, video and image instructions for each of the exercises can be found in this instructor manual (modules 6-18).

1 Star - Basic level functional movements

  • The 1 star sequence is the standard starting level for all new StarBarre Harmony clients.

  • This is to ensure that the most fundamental movement are mastered by all, before proceeding to the more advanced levels.

  • Even top-tier athletes or dancers embarking on this program start at the 1 Star level, because they might have neglected deep and fundamental movement foundations over the years, impeding performance and even causing injury.


2 Stars - Intermediate level functional movements

  • Clients progress to the 2 Stars sequence of their journey when all the 1 Star sequence exercises can be performed in a harmonious and pain-free manner.

  • This depends upon the client's starting condition and the instructor's acquired clinical toolset and skills to effectively reduce movement pain and normalize segmental movements.

  • In every new star sequence some of the exercises remain the same, others are modified to a complexity higher level and a few new and challenging exercises are introduced.


3 Stars - Normal level functional movements

  • The 3 stars sequences of all journey colors contain functional movements that are expected from people who are generally healthy.

  • This sequence includes 29 exercises, which all remain for the more advanced levels.


4 Stars - 8 repetitions each exercise

  • The 4 Stars sequence includes all the 34 Harmony Sequence exercises.​

  • These include the 29 exercises of the 3 Stars level together with 5 new and more advanced exercises.

  • From this level onwards, the 34 Harmony Sequence exercises are related to and practiced as one unit.

  • The challenge of the this level is to feel comfortable with performing 8 repetitions of each exercise while following the 4 Star video clip (32:59 minutes).

  • Because most exercises are familiar from the previous level, the focus of this stage is to further harmonize the familiar exercises, learn the new exercises and to start getting used to harmonious transitions between the exercises.

  • Once following the 4 Star video clip becomes comfortable and harmonious, progress to the 5 Star star level.


5 Stars - 4 repetitions each exercise

  • The challenge of the the 5 Stars level is to feel comfortable with performing 4 repetitions of each exercise while following the 5 Star video clip (18:24 minutes).

  • This level is more advanced than the 4 Stars level because there is less time to concentrate on each exercise and also the exercises transition faster.

  • Once following the 5 Star video clip becomes comfortable and harmonious, progress to the 6 Star star level.


6 Stars - 1 repetition each exercise

  • The challenge of the the 6 Stars level is to feel comfortable with performing 1 repetitions of each exercise while following the 6 Star video clip (7:28 minutes).

  • This level is more advanced than the 5 Stars level because there is much less time to concentrate on each exercise and the exercises transition much faster.

  • Once following the 6 Star video clip becomes comfortable and harmonious, continue to practice it daily.


7 Stars - One week

  • Practice the 6 Stars level video daily for a week.

  • Continue to harmonize the 34 exercises and the exercise transitions.

  • Start to memorize the exercises and harmonious transitions and to to practice without the video clip.


8 Stars - One month

  • Continue to practice the 6 Star sequence daily for a month.

  • Perform the exercises and transitions harmoniously by memory, without the video.

  • Eventually, the sequence becomes 'automatic' and the movements harmonious by themself.

  • You will start to feel the long-term effect of the daily practice.


9 Stars - One year

  • Continue to practice the 6 Star sequence daily for a year.

  • After one year of daily practice, the movement cells are all born into harmonious movements and the brain cells are trained to move the body whole harmoniously even when not thinking about the movement.


10 Stars - Five years

  • Continue to practice the 6 Star sequence daily for five years.

  • This is grand master level. The StarBarre Harmony method is now fully understood.


Other sports

  • It is critical to partake in regular sporting activities like running, swimming or tennis for a minimum of 300 minutes a week, beyond the aforementioned short daily exercise practice.

  • Perform the short exercise sequence before the aerobic training. This serves as a well balanced and comprehensive warmup tool.

  • The warmup, together with the daily practice of the exercises naturally improves athletic performance and also serves as a layer of protection against injury.

  • In the case of future injury, prior 'knowledge' of the exercises provides a great advantage for rehabilitation.

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