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Working with StarBarre


The original Harmony exercise sequence was developed in 2015. The patent pending StarBarre was created in 2022 as a convenient home or studio Harmony sequence exercise tool.

Early version of Harmony practice before the StarBarre

StarBarre Advantages

  • Can be anchored to any hinged door or to a wall hook.

  • The bar easily slides up or down for different exercise heights.

  • StarBarre can be used for exercises while pushed towards the wall (or door) like a ballet bar, or while pulled from the wall hook (or door top) like a TRX.

  • StarBarre has novel brackets to place any mobile device at eye height, very close to the user. This contributes to the focus of user, and to the intimate connection with the exercise on display.

The 6-Star Harmony sequence with StarBarre

StarBarre Availability

  • To date, only a numbered about of StarBarre prototypes were hand produced.

  • Currently they are being tested and unavailable for purchasing.

  • In the near future, a production model StarBarre will be mass produced and marketed to exercise studios, rehabilitation clinics and individual clients.

  • If you are interested in purchasing a StarBarre device, tap on the button below to register to future purchase list (available soon).

  • Until production StarBarre units will be available, it is no compromise to improvise and use the kitchen counter, a windowsill or a balcony rail to learn the exercises and practice them daily.

Home practice in front of kitchen counter

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