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דלגו על תרגיל זה אם גורם לכאב או אי נוחות 

עקבו אחר הוראות הנשימה על המסך שאיפה נשיפה

לעבור לתרגיל הבא הקישו על  "הבא' (לא זמין במסך מלא)

המסלול הצהוב (הוליסטי)


סדרת הרמוני

  • למדו את התרגיל ופעלו לפי הוראות התרגיל שלהלן.

  • תרגלו תרגיל זה מדי יום כחלק מהרצף הנוכחי. 

  • בצע את התרגיל הזה רק בטווחים נטולי כאבים ונוחים.

  • במידת הצורך, פנה לייעוץ מקצועי לשימוש כחלק מתוכנית שיקום.

למדו את התרגיל


8c is a powerful squat exercise that aims to train people to be fit enough to occasionally lift a heavy load in a safe manner.

Because many lifting injuries are associated with faulty mechanics and movement impairments, the guided imagery technique of this exercise makes this mission very effective, with fast results, and much safer than lifting heavy weights.

Bar Position

  • Waist height


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -...


  • Starting position - Horizon

  • Stretch phase - towards the floor in front.

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Exhale - Movement phase.

  • Strong exhale - Stretch and return phases.

  • Inhale - Relax phase.

Starting Position

  • Assume the balanced upright standing position as tall as possible, facing away from the bar.

  • About 1 step away from bar.

  • Relax the arms by the body.

  • Look at the horizon.

  • Inhale.

Movement Phase

  • Upon exhalation, perform a balanced squat.

  • Ensure the entire spine is in neutral position and the lumbar arc is maintained (not round back).

  • When looking from the side, keep the shoulders, knees and toes in the same vertical line (The line of balance) throughout the movement.

  • As the body is descending, hold the bar behind the back to ease the movement.

Stretch Phase

  • When the deepest squat possible is reached, pause for about a second while continuing to exhale and imagine that there is a heavy watermelon on the floor between your feet that needs to be lifted.

  • Let go of the hands behind the back and 'grab' the imaginary watermelon.

  • Increase the exhalation significantly, and consciously activate the trunk and limb muscles as if there really was a heavy watermelon on the floor.

Return Phase

  • Start rising to the starting position while holding firmly on the heavy 'watermelon'.

Relax Phase

  • Find the balanced harmonious Starting Position and gear the body and mind for the Next repetition.

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