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아프거나 불편하면 이 운동을 건너뛰십시오.

그린(상반신) 저니

2성 시퀀스

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Exercise 6 (4c Prep 1)


화면의 호흡 지침을 따르십시오 흡입 내쉬다

'다음'다음 연습을 위해(전체 화면에서는 사용할 수 없음)

  • 아래 운동 지침을 배우고 따르십시오.

  • 이 연습을 시퀀스의 일부로 매일 연습하십시오. 

  • 통증이 없고 편안한 범위에서만 이 운동을 수행하십시오.

  • 필요한 경우 재활 프로그램의 일부로 사용할 전문가의 조언을 구하십시오.

배우다그는 운동

4c Prep 1 includes the important element of controlling the moving body-mass with one arm, with a pleasurable stretch at the end of the movement.


  • Perform this exercise in pain-free and comfortable ranges only.

  • Perform the first-ever repetitions of this exercise very slowly and gradually, to gauge the strength required from each shoulder and arm.

  • In the case of a known shoulder instability, or a history of shoulder dislocations, consult with a rehab professional on how and when to approach this important functional exercise.

  • If painful or uncomfortable, perform the stretch with the arm close to the body.

  • If it is not possible, skip this exercise and consult with a physical therapist or movement professional.


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -... alternate...

Breathing Pattern

  • Exhale - Starting position.

  • Inhale - Movement and stretch phases.

  • Exhale - Return and relax phases.

Starting Position

  • Hold the middle of the bar with both hands, and walk back until the straps are taught and the elbows slightly flexed.

  • Stand in balance, facing the front wall (no spinal rotation).

  • Assume the tall upright standing position with the shoulders wide and low.

  • Look towards the horizon.

  • To make easier: Step backwards and extend the elbows.

  • To make more difficult: Step forward and flex the elbows (tilt the body back).

  • Alternatively, it is possible to use a kitchen sink, windowsill or balcony rail with no compromise to the exercise.

Movement Phase

  • Inhale, let go of one hand and rotate the body outwards while reaching back with the free arm.

  • Continuously look at the free hand.

  • Keep both shoulders back and low throughout the exercise.

  • Notice the full range of cervical rotation.

Stretch Phase

  • Continue the inhalation and pause in this position for up to a second.

Return Phase

  • Upon exhalation, return to the starting position:

  • Rotate the body back to face the bar.

  • Bring the free arm back to holding the bar.

  • Find the body balance facing the wall.

Relax Phase

  • Assume the starting position.

  • Pause in this position for up to a second.

  • Change movement sides every repetition.

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