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아프거나 불편하면 이 운동을 건너뛰십시오.

화면의 호흡 지침을 따르십시오 흡입 내쉬다

'다음'다음 연습을 위해(전체 화면에서는 사용할 수 없음)

노란색(총체적) 여정

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Exercise 5 (5a No Push)

  • 아래 운동 지침을 배우고 따르십시오.

  • 이 연습을 시퀀스의 일부로 매일 연습하십시오. 

  • 통증이 없고 편안한 범위에서만 이 운동을 수행하십시오.

  • 필요한 경우 재활 프로그램의 일부로 사용할 전문가의 조언을 구하십시오.

운동 배우기


5a No Push is a very powerful calf strech and body alignment movement exercise. It provides functional movement elements required for natural walking and running.

This exercise uses the stabilized long-lever of the entire body to provide the localized calf stretch, therfore also a good opportunity to practice correct pelvic and full-body alignment while moving.

5a, in more advanced sequences adds the important functional element of full range calf power to complete this exercise.

StarBarre Position

  • Waist height

The Stretch Portion


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -...

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Exhale - Movement, stretch and return phases.

  • Inhale - Relax phase.

Starting Position

  • Stand with one leg close to the wall and the other as far back as possible with the heel resting on the floor.

  • Maintain pelvic width between the legs.

  • Slightly flex the front knee and bear some weight on it.

  • Tilt the straight body slightly forward (from the back ankle) and place palms lightly on bar.

  • Inhale.


  • The back foot is pointing forward (Tends to point outwards).

  • The pelvis is not rotated.

  • The front knee is pointing forward.

  • The feet not inverted or everted.

  • The back heel is rested on the floor.

  • The body-line is straight.

  • Both feet are in their neutral position on the floor - not everted or inverted.

Movement Phase

  • Wile maintaining the longitudinal full-body line, start exhaling and tilt the straight body forward by simultaneously flexing the front knee and both elbows together.

  • Keep the elbows close to the trunk (not sideways).

  • Keep the back heel on the floor (otherwise there is no stretch).

  • Stop when the the calf stretch is felt.

  • Ensure the pelvis is not rotated and the straight body-line maintained.

Stretch Phase

  • Maintain the distinct stretch for about a second.

  • Continue the exhalation.

  • 'Feel' the connection between good full-body alignment and a good calf stretch feel.

Return Phase

  • Continue the exhalation.

  • Extend the front knee and both elbows at the same time to tilt the straight line of the body back to the Starting Position.

Relax Phase

  • Assume the relaxed upright posture, while slightly leaning on bar.

  • Consciously relax the muscles in that position and start gearing the body for the next repetition.

Perform 2 stretch repetitions, then proceed to the calf power portion with the same leg.

The Power Portion


  • Stretch - push - stretch - push...

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Exhale - Movement and stretch and return phases.

  • Inhale - Relax phase.

Starting Position

  • Reach and maintain the forward tilting stretch position of 7a.

  • In that position, flex and raise the front knee towards the chest and point the ankle to full plantiflexion.

  • keep the back heel on the floor and emphasize the calf stretch due to the body tilt.

Movement Phase

  • From this position:

  • Maintain the straight line of the body.

  • Push the entire body-line diagonally up and forward by flexing the back ankle against the floor.

  • Reach the end range of ankle flexion.

  • Avoid spinal movements.

  • Make easier: Push downwards on the bar with the hands to assist the calf muscle action.

Stretch Phase

  • When the end range of ankle flexion is reached, the calf muscle power together with a unique ankle stretch is distinctively felt.

  • Recognize, reach and feel this powerful stretch every repetition. It is very important for ankle health.

Return Phase

  • Reverse the movement phase actions harmoniously until the body returns to the starting position.

  • The straight body-line moves diagonally downwards and backwards.

  • In this phase, the back leg calf muscles work eccentrically.

  • At the end of the movement, feel the familiar calf muscle stretch again when the heel touches the floor.

  • It is okay to perform a few repetitions.

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