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Training for Harmonious Running

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Many people know of the 3 common running strategies: Heel strike running, midfoot strike running and forefoot strike running. Each of these strategies has its own set of problems and issues, therefore choosing one style over another is always a compromise. However, there is a fourth running style Harmonious Running, and it is FANTASTIC! Harmonious running produces huge movement power with minimum energy expense. It protects the body from injuries and strengthens the important muscles to work harmoniously. TRAINING FOR HARMONIOUS RUNNING is a self-paced online course for movement instructors, physical therapists, running coaches and runners at all levels. Concept and exercises created by Jonathan Hoffman, P.T. Running Model: Ertan Aydoğdu (Pilates/CoreAlign master trainer and elite runner). With kind permission. TAKEAWAYS Understand running better Learn how to train the body to run harmoniously Run harmoniously Add studio content Add studio value



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