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아프거나 불편하면 이 운동을 건너뛰십시오.

화면의 호흡 지침을 따르십시오 흡입 내쉬다

'다음'다음 연습을 위해(전체 화면에서는 사용할 수 없음)

노란색(총체적) 여정


하모니 시퀀스

  • 아래 운동 지침을 배우고 따르십시오.

  • 이 연습을 시퀀스의 일부로 매일 연습하십시오. 


  • 통증이 없고 편안한 범위에서만 이 운동을 수행하십시오.

  • 가능하지 않다면,건너뛰다이 운동을 하고 물리 치료사 또는 운동 전문가와 상의하십시오.

  • 관련이 있는 경우 이 운동이 외과의의 수술 후 프로토콜 내에 있는지 확인하십시오.

운동 배우기

3c is an extreme version of 4a and 4b, adding significant abdominal, knee, shoulder and trunk stability challenges.

The exercise also adds a great bilateral anterior thigh stretch, and a nicely felt abdominal 'six pack' effort.


  • This exercise is suitable for people with strong flexible knees and good pelvic stabilization.

  • Skip this exercise if you are not sure, or if it involves pain or discomfort.

Bar Position

  • Waist height


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -...

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Exhale - During the movement phase.

  • Sharp exhale - during the stretch and return phases.

  • Inhale - Just before returning the relax phase.

Starting Position

  • Stand about 1.5 steps away from bar, facing the bar.

  • Stand in the tall upright standing position looking towards the horizon.

  • Try to be as tall as possible, draw shoulders wide and down and relax the arms and hands by the side of the body.

  • Inhale.

  • Easier - Stand closer and /or raise the bar.

  • More difficult - Stand further away and /or lower the bar.

Horizontal Movement Phase

  • Upon exhalation, initiate the movement with the 1b maneuver:

  • Fully flex the ankle joints and slightly flex the knee joints at the same time.

  • This will bring the upright body line forward, closer to the bar.

  • Reach forward with the hands and when the body is close place palms gently on bar.

  • At this point keep the body as tall as possible close to the bar, similar to the stretch phase of 1b.

Vertical Movement Phase

  • Enhance the exhalation, and lower the upright trunk towards the floor by further flexing the knees.

  • Try to get as low as possible while maintaining the pelvis and trunk upright and relaxed.

Stretch Phase

  • Continue the strong exhalation.

  • Ensure that the body is well aligned and the shoulders wide and low.

  • Look at the horizon.

  • Do not go down below a harmonious and comfortable height.

  • Maintain this position for up to a second.

Return Phase

  • Enhance the exhalation.

  • Use the energy absorbed in the arms during the movement phase to push the body back to the starting position.

  • Arrive harmoniously to the upright tall starting position.

Relax Phase

  • Inhale.

  • Relax in this position for about a second and gear the body for the next repetition.

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