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ПРОПУСТИТЕ это упражнение, если вам больно или неудобно

Зеленый (верхняя часть тела) Путешествие

Последовательность 2 звезд

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Exercise 7 (4c Prep 2)


Следуйте инструкциям по дыханию на экране Вдох выдох

Нажмите на'Следующий'для следующего упражнения (недоступно в полноэкранном режиме)

  • Изучите и следуйте приведенным ниже инструкциям по упражнению.

  • Выполняйте это упражнение ежедневно как часть своей последовательности. 

  • Выполняйте это упражнение только в безболезненных и комфортных диапазонах.

  • При необходимости обратитесь за профессиональной консультацией для использования в рамках программы реабилитации.

Научилсяон Упражнение

4c Prep 2 trains the shoulder to manage the combined forces of distraction and rotation upon the shoulder.

Controlling these forces harmoniously, and practicing them daily (with the other sequence exercises) aim to to improve the dynamic stability to the shoulder.

As such, 4c Prep 2 joins other StarBarre Harmony exercises to prevent or rehab shoulder instability or recuring dislocations, each from a different 'angle'.

4c Prep 2, together with the previous exercise 4c Prep 1 provide the movement foundations required to perform the more advanced 4c exercise harmoniously and safely in the subsequent 3 Stars sequence.


  • Perform this exercise in pain-free and comfortable ranges only.

  • Perform the first-ever repetitions of this exercise very slowly and gradually, to gauge the strength required from each shoulder and arm.

  • In the case of a known shoulder instability, or a history of shoulder dislocations, consult with a rehab professional on how and when to approach this important functional exercise.

  • If painful or uncomfortable, perform the stretch with the arm close to the body.

  • If it is not possible, skip this exercise and consult with a physical therapist or movement professional.


  • Move 1 - stretch 1 - move 2 - stretch 2...

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Inhale - Movement and stretch phases.

  • Exhale - Return and relax phases.

Starting Position

  • Hold the middle of the bar with one hand, and walk back until the straps are taught and the elbow extended.

  • Lean slightly backwards and feel the tensional forces upon the shoulder,

  • Assume the tall upright standing position.

  • Keep both shoulders wide and low to stabilize the 'pulled' shoulder joint and keep it in good position.

  • Ensure that the pelvis and shoulder girdle are facing the front wall (no body rotation).

  • Relax the free arm at the side of the body.

  • Look at the horizon and inhale.

  • To make more difficult: Step slightly forward to tilt the body back.

  • At home it is okay to use a TRX style sling training device or any safe improvisation.

Movement 1

  • Inhale and rotate the arm inwards from the shoulders.

  • Keep both shoulders back and low.

  • Keep the elbow extended.

  • Keep an even pull on the bar.

  • Continuously look at the horizon.

Stretch 1

  • Exhale and pause at end range of shoulder internal rotation for up to a second.

Movement 2

  • Inhale and rotate the arm outwards from the shoulders.

  • Keep both shoulders back and low.

  • Keep the elbow extended.

  • Keep an even pull on the bar.

  • Continuously look at the horizon.

Stretch 2

  • Exhale and pause at end range of shoulder external rotation for up to a second.

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