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Последовательность этажей гармонии

B1 Modified Cat

Anchor 1

Нажать на'Следующий'для следующего упражнения (недоступно в полноэкранном режиме)

ПРОПУСТИТЕ это упражнение, если вам больно или неудобно

  • Изучите и следуйте приведенным ниже инструкциям по упражнению.

  • Выполняйте это упражнение ежедневно как часть своей последовательности. 


  • Выполняйте это упражнение только в безболезненных и удобных диапазонах.

  • Если это невозможно,пропускатьэто упражнение и проконсультируйтесь с физиотерапевтом или специалистом по движениям.

  • При необходимости убедитесь, что это упражнение входит в послеоперационный протокол хирурга.

Изучите упражнение

B1 Modified Cat is an important exercise to train the spine according to its natural curves. Rather than flexing or extending the entire spine, it trains the lumbar spine to flex while stabilizing the thorax in neutral and the thoracic spine to extend while stabilizing the lumbar in neutral.

This exercise is performed to the tempo of 4 counts according to its movements:

  1. Posterior pelvic rotation.

  2. Lean the body backwards.

  3. Lean the body forward.

  4. Return to Starting Position.

After a few repetitions, 'round' the corners for a graceful 'wave' effect while articulating the spine in both directions.

Starting Position

Six-point kneeling:

  • Hips above knees.

  • Shoulders above wrists.

  • Balance the body between the knees and elbows.

  • Arrange the entire trunk in its neutral position.

  • Elongate the spine in this position from crown to tailbone.

Movement 1

Tilt the pelvis anteriorly and rotate the pelvis to flatten the lumbar spine curvature:

  • Use lower abdominal muscles for this.

  • Use exhalation to assist.

  • Stabilize the thoracic and cervical spine in neutral.

Movement 2

  • Keep the lumbar flexion from movement 1 and lean the trunk backwards to a low stretch.

  • Press the pelvis back, relax the neck and allow the shoulders to be stretched.

  • First repetition - Adjust the hand positions on the floor to find the optimal shoulder stretch.

  • Elongate the spine in this stretch position from crown to sit bones.

Movement 3

Leaning on the elbows, shift the body forward until the shoulders are above the elbows.

  • Extend the thoracic spine but maintain the lumbar spine in neutral.

  • Exhale to facilitate this lumbar stability effort.

  • Keep the chest low during the movement but avoid flaring the ribcage and extending the upper neck.

  • Keep the neck long and chin tucked in slightly.

Movement 4

  • Return to Starting Position.

Perform 2-3 repetitions then proceed to exercise B2 Tail Wag.

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