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ПРОПУСТИТЕ это упражнение, если вам больно или неудобно

Следуйте инструкциям по дыханию на экране Вдох выдох

Нажмите на'Следующий'для следующего упражнения (недоступно в полноэкранном режиме)

Желтое (целостное) путешествие


Последовательность гармонии

  • Изучите и следуйте приведенным ниже инструкциям по упражнению.

  • Выполняйте это упражнение ежедневно как часть своей последовательности. 


  • Выполняйте это упражнение только в безболезненных и удобных диапазонах.

  • Если это невозможно,пропускатьэто упражнение и проконсультируйтесь с физиотерапевтом или специалистом по движениям.

  • При необходимости убедитесь, что это упражнение входит в послеоперационный протокол хирурга.

Изучите упражнение

10c is a complex and rapid exercise to train limbo-pelvic stability, as well as calf assisted hip flexion, which is an important functional component of walking and running.

This exercise builds upon the available hip range and posterior thigh motion that was stretched in 10a and 10b.


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -...

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Sharp (Karate style) exhalation - Rapid movement and stretch phases.

  • Inhale - Return relax phases.


  • Look at the horizon throughout the exercise

Starting Position

  • Stand about 2 steps away from bar, facing the bar.

  • Stand in the tall upright standing position looking towards the horizon.

  • Try to be as tall as possible, draw shoulders wide and down and relax the arms and hands by the side of the body.

  • Inhale.

Rapid Movement Phase 1 (Knee Raise)

  • Upon sharp exhalation, activate the calf muscles to rapidly lift the heel and push down on the floor with tiptoes.

  • Flex the knee and allow the rapid ankle movement and downward push on the floor to propel the flexed knee in the air.

  • Avoid using hip flexor muscles for this movement.

Rapid Movement Phase 2 (knee extension)

  • Continue the rapid exhalation and the leg movement upwards.

  • Extend the knee and ankle like a karate kick.

Rapid Stretch Phase

  • Continue the rapid exhalation.

  • Ensure that the ankle is fully flexed, toes pointing backwards and the knee is slightly flexed.

  • This is similar to the upper leg move when jumping over a hurdle, rather than during a 'Cancan' leg raise with the ankle flexed and the knee extended.

  • During the highest position of the kick, feel the same familiar posterior thigh stretch as in 3a and 3b. This indicates that the leg is in its correct position.

  • Maintain the tall upright standing posture with minimal upper body movement.

  • Look at the horizon throughout the exercise (including the kick).

Return Phase

  • Inhale and return to the starting position by performing the movement phase elements in reverse order.

  • Keep balance for this movement and continue to look forward.

Relax Phase

  • Continue inhalation.

  • Relax in the tall upright position for about a second, then repeat with the other leg.

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