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Training for Harmonious Walking

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A SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSE FOR: MOVEMENT INSTRUCTORS, PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, WALKING COACHES AND WALKERS AT ALL LEVELS. Concept and exercises created by Jonathan Hoffman, P.T. WHAT IS HARMONIOUS WALKING? Harmonious walking is the natural way humans walk. When analyzing harmonious walking, we can see that nature has provided us with a multitude of sophisticated systems to carry our body-mass forward with minimum effort and maximum safety. WHY TRAIN FOR HARMONIOUS WALKING? Unfortunately, in early adulthood most people neglect the natural harmonious walking for a lazier ‘regular’ gait strategy. This strategy does not require sophisticated systems or even a well-trained body. The prevailing regular walking is intuitive, effective and very forgiving, however in the long run it might contribute to a compromised posture and chronic movement-based injuries like low back, hip, knee, heel and plantar fascia pain. TAKEAWAYS • Understand walking better. • Learn about the inherent problems of the regular walking strategy. • Learn a sequence of exercises to train the body for harmonious walking. • Learn how to walk harmoniously. • Learn how to teach to walk harmoniously. • Add studio content. • Add studio value.





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