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SKIP this exercise if painful or uncomfortable

Follow the onscreen breathing instructions Inhale Exhale

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Yellow (Holistic) Journey


The Harmony Sequence

  • Learn and follow the exercise instructions below.

  • Practice this exercise daily as part of your sequence. 


  • Perform this exercise in pain-free and comfortable ranges only.

  • If not possible, skip this exercise and consult with a physical therapist or movement professional.

  • When relevant, ensure that this exercise is within the surgeon's post-operation protocol.

Learn the Exercise

7a is a very powerful (yet safe) one legged squat exercise. As such, it is intended for people with generally healthy knees and good lumbo-pelvic control.

Until this level is reached, perform the same sequencing while standing on both legs, and the bar from the beginning of the movement to make it even easier.

Functionally, 9a is a very important movement for everyday functions like putting on trousers, socks and shoes while standing.

The philosophical justification for mastering this exercise and practicing it daily is because people with back pain or weak knees cannot.

Technically this exercise is unique, because the movement phase has two stages. The first stage is without hands on the bar, to reach the current functional ability while the second movement stage is with the hands pushing down on the bar. This makes it easier and safe to exceed the functional ability and stimulate the body to increase its ability without discomfort, pain or endangering the knees.


  • 9a is an extreme exercise, intended for people with generally healthy knees and good lumbo-pelvic control.

  • Always use the hands on the bar when instructed below. This is critical to to prevent overloading the knee, and to prevent injuries.

  • Do not perform more than 4 repetitions of this exercise on each leg, even if it feels good.

  • If you are currently suffering from knee pain or weakness, do not attempt this exercise.

  • To safely get to this level, start by learning and practicing the relevant preparation exercise:

  • 9a Prep 1 From the Blue (lower body) journey 1 Star sequence.

  • 9a Prep 2 From the Blue (lower body) journey 1 Star sequence.

Bar Position

  • Waist height


  • Move without holding - pause - move with holding - pause - return with holding - relax -... alternate.

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Long exhale - Movement, stretch and return phases.

  • Inhale - Relax phase.

Starting Position

  • Stand upright, balanced on one leg.

  • Raise the other knee and dorsiflex the ankle.

  • Place the heel at knee-height of standing leg.

  • Relax shoulders and arms.

  • Look at the horizon.

Movement Phase

  • While maintaining balance on one leg:

  • Flex the ankle, knee and hip of the standing leg at the same time

  • Allow the spine to tilt forward but keep the pelvis and entire and spine in neutral.

  • Do not round or hyperextend the spine.

  • Exhale and try to go as low as possible without holding.

  • At this height hold on to the bar and lower the body further.

  • Maintain the vertical line of balance between the shoulder, knee and second toe throughout the exercise.

  • Do not sway body to sides.

  • Keep the weight bearing knee and spine facing forward.

  • Go as low as it is possible to perform harmoniously.

Stretch Phase

  • Maintain the body balance and relaxed arms.

  • Feel the hip flexion stretch and the abdominal muscles stabilizing the pelvis at the same time.

Return Phase

  • Return to Starting Position while keeping the line of balance on one leg and time all movement elements together.

Relax Phase

  • Assume the starting position on one leg.

  • Consciously relax the muscles in that position and alternate weight bearing leg for next repetition.

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