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SKIP this exercise if painful or uncomfortable

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Exercise11 (7d Gradual)

  • Learn and follow the exercise instructions below.

  • Practice this exercise daily as part of your sequence. 

  • Perform this exercise only in pain free and comfortable ranges.

  • If necessary, seek professional advise to use as part of a rehabilitation program.

Learn the Exercise

Blue (lower body) Journey

The 2 Stars Sequence


Follow the onscreen breathing instructions Inhale Exhale

Tap on 'Next' for the next exercise (unavailable when in full screen)

Inspired by the ballet plié move, 7c trains the fundamentals of preparing for jumping and also landing safely, while absorbing the landing energy and regenerating it into power and strength.

Warning: Perform at comfortable knee ranges only.

Bar Position

  • Waist height


  • Throughout exercise - look forward towards the horizon.

  • The point of horizon on the front wall moves up and down according to the body position.


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -...

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Strong exhale - Movement, stretch and return phases.

  • Inhale - Relax phase.

Starting Position

  • Stand about 1 step away from bar.

  • Position the body standing upright in a forward tilting angle, leaning on the flexed arms:

  • The legs placed close to each other.

  • Feet are turned out to the max, and on tiptoes.

  • The heels are touching each other.

  • In this position, the head might be vertically above the bar (because of the angle of the body-line).

  • Make sure that the body is tilted forward by flexing the elbows and leaning on the arms, and as tall as can be in this angle.

  • Inhale.

Movement Phase

  • Upon exhalation, start abducting the hips and flexing the knees sideways at the same time (Plié style move).

  • As the trunk descends diagonally (back and down), use the exhalation to stabilize the lumbar spine in the neutral position (slight arc).

  • Stay on tiptoes with the heels touching each other for the entire movement.

  • Use the arms pushing down on the bar to reduce the body mass and ease the leg movements.

  • Perform this extreme movement slowly and with control.

  • If during this movement there is pain or discomfort in the knees, reduce the movement range to pain free areas even if minimal, or skip the exercise entirely until the issue is sorted.

Stretch Phase

  • Pause when you get as low as possible while keeping the lumbar spine in neutral position.

  • Continue the exhalation.

  • In this position the body is sill balanced on the tiptoes with the heels touching and the knees as wide as possible.

  • Feel the energy absorbed in the body for the return phase.

Return Phase

  • Continue the exhalation and return to the starting position with an upward and upward controlled push of the legs.

Relax Phase

  • Inhale when the starting position is reached.

  • Ensure that the body-line is tilted forward leaning on the flexed arms, and that the feet have maintained their placings.

  • Elongate the body-line in this position and 'gear' for the next repetition.

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