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דלג על התרגיל הזה אם זה כואב או לא נוח

המסלול הירוק (פלג גוף עליון)

2 כוכבים - תרגילי הרצף

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Exercise 9 (5c Prep)


עקבו אחר הוראות הנשימה על המסך שאיפה נשיפה

לעבור לתרגיל הבא הקישו על  "הבא' (לא זמין במסך מלא)

  • למדו את התרגיל ופעלו לפי הוראות התרגיל שלהלן.

  • תרגלו תרגיל זה מדי יום כחלק מהרצף הנוכחי. 

  • בצע את התרגיל הזה רק בטווחים נטולי כאבים ונוחים.

  • במידת הצורך, פנה לייעוץ מקצועי לשימוש כחלק מתוכנית שיקום.

למדו את התרגיל

5c Prep adds functional vertical scapulae motion to the previous exercise Ex 10 Prep 2.

This small up-down motion of the scapulae upon the ribcage is extremely important for the wide and low shoulders posture, as well as upper limb function in general.

This is because this exercise elongates the (usually short) muscles that pull the shoulders up, and strengthens the (usually weak) muscles that pull the shoulder down.

5c Prep is the final preparation for the 6 Star sequence 5c exercise, which also combines full range shoulder flexion with vertical scapular motion.


  • Perform this exercise in pain-free and comfortable ranges only.

  • Perform the first-ever repetitions of this exercise very slowly and gradually, to gauge the strength required from each shoulder and arm.

  • In the case of a known shoulder instability, or a history of shoulder dislocations, consult with a rehab professional on how and when to approach this important functional exercise.

  • If painful or uncomfortable, perform the stretch with the arm close to the body.

  • If it is not possible, skip this exercise and consult with a physical therapist or movement professional.

StarBarre Position

  • Thigh to waist height.


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -...

Breathing Pattern

  • Exhale - Starting position.

  • Inhale - Movement and stretch phases.

  • Exhale - Return and relax phase.

Starting Position

  • Reach the stretch phase of the previous exercise 7c Prep 2

  • Stand as tall as possible with elbows fully extended throughout the exercise.

  • Ensure the lumbar spine is in the neutral position.

  • Bring the shoulders wide and low.

  • Keep the neck 'long' and the chin slightly tucked in (not poking).

  • Look towards the horizon.

  • Inhale.

Movement Phase

  • Upon exhalation slide the scapulae down upon the ribcage.

  • Ensure the body is stabilized and does not move.

  • Keep head and neck position in neutral - don't look up.

Stretch Phase

  • Continue exhaling and pressing forward on the shoulders.

  • Try to feel the lowest corner of the lower trapezius muscle in the mid back.

  • Avoid hyperextending the lumbar spine and flexing the elbows.

Return Phase

  • Inhale and allow the shoulder complexes to return upwards to the starting position.

  • As in the movement phase, the body does not move.

Relax Phase

  • Continue inhaling and try to relax the muscles in the starting position.

  • Gear the body for the next repetition.

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