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StarBarre Harmony
Blue Journey - Lower Body
The 1 Star Sequence Page

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The 1 Star Blue sequence travels through basic full-body standing functional human movements and stretches, focusing on holistic lower body movement elements.​

See detailed exercise instructions in the Master Manual.

Practice the short video of your current sequence daily. 

SKIP any exercise if painful or uncomfortable.

Once the sequence exercises become easy, progress to the next star level.

  • The short sequence video is for daily home practice.

  • The long sequence video is for studio practice with an instructor.

  • The only difference between the two videos is the number of repetitions.

  • Tap on the individual exercises below to practice the exercises one by one.

  • If you do not have a StarBarre Device, use a kitchen counter, windowsill or balcony rail.

  • If necessary, seek professional advise to use these exercises as part of a rehabilitation program.

Blue 1 Star

Blue Journey - 1 Star

Blue Stars_edited_edited.png

Sequence Videos

Home Video 10:54

 Studio Video 30:36

Exercise Pages

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