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Become an Accredited Instructor

  • This program is intended for sport instructors and rehabilitation professionals alike.

  • Rehabilitation practitioners are titled 'StarBarre Harmony Clinical Instructors' due to their their additional tools in the clinical setting.



  • Learn and practice the exercise sequences until 6 Stars level is achieved. 

  • Learn and understand the method's theoretical sections in the information center.

  • Pass the quizzes and assignments in the Harmony Instructor Program.


  • Learn the exercises from the StarBarre Harmony 'Exercise Manual', and submit the required video assignments.

  • Learn the technical and theoretical modules from the StarBarre Harmony 'Complete Guide', and pass the required quizzes.


Instructor Opportunities

  • Teach the StarBarre Harmony sequences to your clients.

  • Conduct StarBarre Harmony instructor workshops and courses.

  • Add your bio to our list of accredited instructors and gain worldwide audiences for online classes.

  • Create related online content and post (and sell) in our online shop.​

  • Receive affiliate income when your clients purchase StarBarre devices and online content from our shop.

  • Optimize your personal posture movement foundations.


Instructor Obligations

​To maintain their accreditation, instructors are obliged to 2 commitments:

  1. To personally practice the 7.5 minute 6 Star sequence on a daily basis.

  2. Insist that their clients practice the video clip of their current star level for a few minutes a day.

No 'annual fees' or 'refresher courses' are required.


Program Fees

  • Access to online material and administration.

  • Review and feedback of video submissions and quizzes.

  • Optional online video sessions with instructor.

  • Optional studio session with instructor.

  • Optional workshops with instructor.​

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