StarBarre Harmony

Method Overview

StarBarre Harmony is novel holistic rehab/lifestyle exercise method that trains people to perform  normal daily movements as well as sporting activities in a harmonious and pain free manner.

After learning the StarBarre Harmony exercises and system, this method requires just 7 minutes a day of enjoyable training.

Ultimate goals

  • Harmonizing functional movements which might be impaired.

  • Sustaining a pain-free regular active lifestyle (along with regular pain free aerobic activity and a balanced moderate diet).


Basic principles

  • Clients learn a relevant sequence of exercises with the help of video clip tutorials and professional StarBarre Harmony masters.

  • They then use a short video clip (5-15 minutes) to practice the same exercises every day at home (no equipment required).

  • When the sequence exercises become harmonious and easy, users progress to the higher level.

  • The highest level of this method is reached when the 6 star sequence (7.5 minutes) is mastered harmoniously and performed daily at home.

The Six Star Sequence - 7.5 minutes

A modern method with a holistic background

StarBarre Harmony merges basic physical therapy thinking with traditional holistic exercise philosophy to form an effective and practical video-clip internet based progressive exercise method. StarBarre Harmony is suitable for:

  • People who need to train for rehab (Star levels 1-3)

  • People who are generally healthy (or have recently recovered from a disability) to train regularly for lifestyle (Star levels 4-10).

Users who complete their rehab levels (1-3 stars) have 2 opportunities:

  • Continue practicing the 3 star short video (10-15 minutes) at home everyday to ensure full recovery and prevent recurrences.

  • Continue the method system beyond physical therapy to the lifestyle levels (4-10 stars). This aims to take the body to the best it can be.

A learning experience

Overall emphasis is placed on training the relevant movement components of the body to work in synergy, creating quality harmonious full-body postures and movements. Similar to other mind-body exercises like yoga and Pilates, each StarBarre Harmony exercise is a learning experience at start. With good studio corrections and daily home practice, the functional exercises are become automatic, and improve regular day to day movements, even without thinking about the movement. This is important because many accidents and injuries happen exactly when not thinking about the movement.


Correct breathing and relaxation techniques are an integral part of every StarBarre Harmony exercise, as well as moving harmoniously with correct body lines in full body sync. For this, the body naturally develops good movement foundations and a good look and feel.

Functional exercises

All StarBarre Harmony exercises are functional in their own way, and together as a sequence they simulate a wide and balanced range of human movements required for normal function in the modern world, like walking, running, bending, lifting, balancing while moving, jumping, landing, kicking a ball, putting on a shoe while standing on one leg, and much more. Because of this, when practicing these exercises for a few minutes every day until they become harmonious and easy, regular functions of life become easier by themselves.


Focus on standing exercises

This is because people function during the day in standing positions, and many times get injured in standing positions. It is therefore naturally logical that the daily movement exercises for humans focus on functional standing positions.


When looking at nature, we see that babies start functioning on the floor however this is transitional period until they have the movement foundations to progress to standing challenges. It is observed in animals like cats and dogs that their daily stretching routine is performed exclusively in their natural standing position. This provides natural evidence for humans also to perform their pre-movement stretches and training in their functional standing position (for them).


In the rehabilitation setting there might be exceptions to this principle. For example, and injured tennis player might start the rehab process with floor exercises, but the process is complete only when the relevant standing exercises are harmoniously mastered and practiced daily.

One holistic method for rehab and lifestyle

According to holistic philosophy, nobody alive is either 'completely' healthy or 'completely' unhealthy. And there is no line that differentiates between them. For this logic, the 'Train for Rehab' exercises (Star levels 1-3) seamlessly evolve to become the 'Train for Lifestyle' exercises (Star level 4-10) for people who are generally healthy.

The StarBarre Harmony 'few minutes a day' practice of natural movements and stretches is not a replacement for other sporting activities but rather a critical supplement to them. To lead a healthy active lifestyle, it is also recommended to perform at least 30 minutes of (any) fun pain-free aerobic sport every day, and to eat modest quantities of a well-balanced diet.

A progression system from video to video

The StarBarre Harmony exercise video system provides a starting point to all levels of functional ability, and a clear path to an ongoing healthy and active lifestyle. This is managed via a progressive system of exercise video clips.

Upon enrolment, each client is assigned to a star level video clip with a sequence of relevant full-body functional exercises, at a level that is determined to be manageable and pain-free for that client at that point in time. Exercises of all star level sequences are learned with a teacher and practiced daily at home for a few minutes until they are naturally mastered and become easy. At this point, clients progress to the next star level and repeat the process with more advanced functional exercises, yet in the same direction.

Order of star level sequence progression:

Training for Rehab: Star level sequences 1-3:

  • Star levels and anatomical Journeys

  • The Blue Journey – for lower body disorders:

  • For example: lumbar spine, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

  • The Green Journey – for upper body disorders:

  • For example: thoracic spine, cervical spine, scapulae, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands.

  • The Yellow Journey – for body spanning disorders:

  • For example: multiple orthopedic disorders, scoliosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson, general weakness.

  • 1 Star sequences – for acute conditions.

  • 2 Stars sequences – for subacute conditions.

  • 3 Stars sequences – for mild conditions.

  • Training for Lifestyle: Star level sequences 4-10


The Creator

Jonathan Hoffman is a manual and exercise physical therapist based in Herzliya, Israel. Currently Jonathan works in a busy physical therapy clinic exclusively with the StarBarre Harmony method.

Over the last decade he has traveled to all corners of the world teaching his philosophy and standing exercises to movement-based practitioners and healthcare practitioners.

Jonathan has published several scientific papers on areas related to holistic movement, which have been well cited in the literature. 

Jonathan's creation is driven by his extensive physical therapy career in which he has worked for professional tennis players, basketball teams as well as tens of thousands of people with back pain, other movement based musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries.

Jonathan is the inventor of CoreAlign, MoonRun and StarBarre.


The creation of this method was inspired by the wisdom and exercises of:​

  • J.P. Muller (Denmark)

  • Oddvar Holten (Norway)

  • Minnie Randell (England)

  • Joseph Pilates (Germany, USA)

  • Margaret Morris (Scotland, England)

  • Moshe Feldenkreiz (Israel)

As well as elements from:

  • CoreAlign®

  • Ballet

  • Tai Chi

  • Belly dancing

  • Traditional Asian dancing

  • Normal functional human movements and breathing

  • And the dog and cat daily stretch routine.