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Working with MoonRun

StarBarre Harmony and Aerobic Training

As mentioned widely in this guide, regular pain-free aerobic training is part of every StarBarre Harmony exercise session. It is also mentioned that performing 300 minutes a week of enjoyable aerobic training, together with a few minutes a day of the current sequence training are critical prerequisites for a healthy active lifestyle.


The traditional holistic relationship between mind-body movement methods and aerobic activities (even at top-tier performance levels) has always been complex yet simple:

  • The purpose of regular mind-body movement training methods (such as Pilates, Feldenkreiz or StarBarre Harmony) is to enable regular sporting activities at the highest level possible and to provide layers of protection against injury.

  • Mind-body movement methods therefore inherently intend to supplement sporting activities, rather than to replace them.


MoonRun as a studio (and home) aerobic device

There are many options to do healthy and satisfying aerobic activities outside and inside a room. For indoor aerobic training, whether training for rehab or for a healthy lifestyle, whether in the studio, clinic or at home, MoonRuns has many advantages.

MoonRun in action

Clinical advantages

  • Facilitates natural movements while sprinting, jogging, walking and jumping in any direction.

  • A progressive weight reduction mechanism (due to the 'pulling up' angle of elastic resistance) allows to train as fast as possible while minimizing impact on the knees.

  • 5-points of resistance for a balanced full body workout: Both feet (with contact to the ground), both hands (with contact to the arm resistance handles) and the pelvic area (with contact the MoonRun padded bar).

  • The turn around 'fresh start' effect. When users get tired or start to feel uncomfortable, it is possible to turn around and run backwards to change the muscles used to fresh ones and feel the 'fresh start'. this procedure can be done as many times as possible to achieve the training (and metabolic) goals with less chance of getting injured.


Apps and games

  • MoonRun's sensors connect to many running applications which enhances the motivation and commitment to aerobic training.

  • Compatible apps allow users to run with a virtual coach, run and compete with real people in a virtual running track, or be Usain Bolt while racing other users (or bots) and jumping over hurdles, changing lanes, releasing bombs on opponents while avoiding their bombs.

  • After the gaming session, the exercise data is stored on the app and also sent to popular running apps like Strava.

  • This data serves as an important clinical tool to record the overall physical progress in the 'Training for Rehab' stages as well as when 'Training for Lifestyle'.


Logistical advantages

  • MoonRun uses the same wall (or door) attachment as the StarBarre device, so they are conveniently interchangeable.

  • When not used, MoonRun can be left hanging on the wall with no interference to room space.

  • Alternatively, the light weight (1.5kg) MoonRun can be folded into its small carrier bag and stored in a drawer.


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Disclosure: MoonRun was invented by the inventor of StarBarre and the creator of the StarBarre Harmony exercises and method.

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