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The Star is You!

StarBarre Harmony
A novel holistic active lifestyle and musculoskeletal rehabilitation method.

Harmonize functional postures and movements at any level with a structured system of exercise sequence video workouts.
StarBarre Harmony takes you on a magical self-discovery journey, from the fundamental movements of childhood to functions of life that would challenge anyone. With about 10 minutes of daily home practice, you will always be the best you can be and improve further as time goes along.

Rehab from injury. Prevent reoccurrences. Ease daily functions. Enhance athletic performance.
Look good and feel good.

Developed by Jonathan Hoffman, PT. Sports and movement exercise physical therapist.
The Exercise Sequences
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Blue Stars_edited.png
Blue Stars.png
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Two star.png
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Green Stars_edited.png
Green Stars.png
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Six star.png
Tap to open sequence page
Open exercise pages from sequence pages

Exercise 1 Tutorial

Yellow Journey 1 Star Sequence (Tap CC for translation)

Training for Lifestyle

The 6 Stars Exercise Sequence

Training for Rehabilitation

The Clinical Setting

Exercise selection

Why StarBarre?

- Safely attach to any hinged door (Patent pending)
- Easily adjust to any height (Patent pending)
- Simply connect any phone or tablet (Patent pending)
-Endless content potential

-Endless healthcare potential


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