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The Star is You!

StarBarre Harmony
A novel holistic active lifestyle and musculoskeletal rehabilitation method.
The Exercise Sequences
Blue Stars_edited_edited.png
Blue Stars_edited.png
Two star_edited.png
Green Stars_edited.png
Two star.png
Green Stars_edited.png
Three stars_edited_edited.png
Four stars.png
Six star_edited.png
Six star.png
Tap to open sequence page
Open exercise pages from sequence pages

The Initial Challenge

1 Star Level

The Big Challenge

6 Stars Level

Exercise 1a Tutorial

Training for Rehabilitation

The Clinical Setting

Exercise selection

Why StarBarre?

- Safely attach to any hinged door (Patent pending)
- Easily adjust to any height (Patent pending)
- Simply connect any phone or tablet (Patent pending)
-Endless content potential

-Endless healthcare potential


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