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Follow the onscreen breathing instructions Inhale Exhale

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Yellow (Holistic) Journey

The 2 Stars Sequence

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Good Vibrations

  • Learn and follow the exercise instructions below.

  • Practice this exercise daily as part of your sequence. 

  • Perform this exercise only in pain free and comfortable ranges.

  • If necessary, seek professional advise to use as part of a rehabilitation program.

Learn the Exercise

Good Vibrations is performed at the end of nearly all the standing Harmony sequences.

The elicited vibrations serve to physically 'balance' out the body especially after an asymmetric exercise. Experienced regular users of this exercise can direct these vibrations to any point in the body by adjusting the exercise movements.

These recognizable ground-force vibrations in the body facilitate proprioception, combat osteoporosis, facilitates heathy growth of the body cells, and energizes the body for further movement.

Any point of inflammation in the body is magnified by these vibrations. Therefore avoid painful angles while performing this exercise, but remember the body information to gauge if the condition is improving with the daily sequence practice, or perhaps it is more serious.

Bar Position

  • Waist height


  • Move freely


  • Throughout exercise - Horizon

Breathing Pattern

  • Breathe freely

Starting Position

  • Upright standing facing the bar.

  • Place palms on bar.

  • Bear weight with the entire soles of the feet on the ground


  • While relaxing the body:

  • Flex and extend the knees.

  • Tap the heels on the floor to create vibrations.

  • During the exercise, the heels feel like tennis balls bouncing.

  • Add body rotations to all directions.

  • Relax elbows.

  • Relax shoulder girdle muscles.

  • Feel the pleasant vibrations running through the body.

  • Enjoy!

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