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דלגו על תרגיל זה אם גורם לכאב או אי נוחות

עקבו אחר הוראות הנשימה על המסך שאיפה נשיפה

לעבור לתרגיל הבא הקישו על  "הבא' (לא זמין במסך מלא)

המסלול הצהוב (הוליסטי)

3 כוכבים - תרגילי הרצף

Three stars_edited_edited.png

Exercise 11 4a

  • למדו את התרגיל ופעלו לפי הוראות התרגיל שלהלן.

  • תרגלו תרגיל זה מדי יום כחלק מהרצף הנוכחי. 

  • בצע את התרגיל הזה רק בטווחים נטולי כאבים ונוחים.

  • במידת הצורך, פנה לייעוץ מקצועי לשימוש כחלק מתוכנית שיקום.

למדו את התרגיל


3c is a significant progression to 3a, adding elements of balance, falling and recovering on the arms (plyometrics), full-body rotation and a great 'good morning' uplifting stretch.

3b is an important functional exercise simulating a controlled fall on the arms.

Therefore, practicing this exercise harmoniously on a daily basis might not prevent the next fall, but the same fall might require a harder push and cause less damage, if at all.

3b is also an important exercise to prevent or reduce the occurrence of upper limb osteoporosis.


  • Move - stretch - return - relax -...

StarBarre Position

  • Waist height

  • Easier- Stand closer and raise bar higher (no higher than chest height).

  • More difficult - stand further away and lower bar.

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale - Starting position.

  • Exhale - Movement, stretch and return phases.

  • Inhale - During the relax phase (with arms up).

Starting Position

  • Stand about 2 steps away from bar, facing the bar.

  • Stand in the tall upright standing position looking towards the horizon.

  • Try to be as tall as possible, draw shoulders wide and down and relax the arms and hands by the side of the body.

  • Inhale.

Movement Phase

  • Upon exhalation, 'fall' forward by tilting the straight body-line from the ankles.

  • Allow the heels to rise passively.

  • Gently land with the hands on the bar and absorb the movement energy by flexing the elbows and extending the shoulders.

  • Ensure the body line is straight at all times.

Stretch Phase

  • When the body reaches its lowest point, enhance the exhalation and use the energy absorbed in body during the fall.

  • Push the bar rapidly with the hands (similar to the 4a movement phase) and let go.

  • This is to 'bounce' the body back to the balanced standing position.

Return 1

  • On the way up, inhale and bring the hands together to hold each other in front of the body.

  • Enhance the inhalation and raise both hands holding each other as high as possible together.

  • At the highest point, enhance the exhalation, separate the arms and lower them sideways with a wide circular movement.

  • Try to keep the arms as far back as possible for the entire movement.

  • Look at the horizon in front for the entire movement.

  • Return harmoniously to the upright balanced starting position.

Return 2

  • Repeat the movement 1 phases instructions, while adding full body rotation to the movement.

  • Feel that the body rotation is lead by the pelvis.

  • Continuously look at the back and during this movement.

Return 3

  • Repeat movement phase 2 to the other side.

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